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Amnesty: One Fic

Title: C'est la Guerre
Rating: R (violence and character death)
Word Count: 1,473
Characters/Pairings: Gambit, Sabretooth
Timeline: Movieverse, somewhere well after the movie
Summary: Victor's tired of chasing Remy, and Remy's backed into a corner.
Note: This was, sadly, the ONLY fic I finished for Death Bingo. The others I had strong ideas for wouldn't have formed a bingo if I'd written them. Whoops!

(P.S. Can I have a tag for X-Men?)

C'est la Guerre, Death: Penetrating Trauma
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All Bingoed Out

Death Bingo is Officially Closed. Amnesty posting may commence!
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Two Bingos! (Vertical line through the middle, vertical line not through the middle)

Author: [personal profile] chichuri
Fandom: Fringe
Deaths: Spontaneous Combustion, Device (Rube Goldberg), Illness (sudden) [free space], Human Sacrifice, Execution (hanging), Volcano, Illness (Cancer), Russian Roulette, Man vs. Vehicle (train), Suicide (seppuku)

Vertical line through the middle:
Afternoon Hike (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane; Spontaneous Combustion)
Message Delivered (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane; Device (Rube Goldberg))
Carrying On (Fringe; Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop; Illness (sudden)[free space)
Redressing the Imbalance (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop; Human Sacrifice)
Old Fashioned Justice (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane; Execution (hanging))

Vertical line not through the middle:
Final Strike (Fringe; Astrid Farnsworth, Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Walter Bishop; Volcano)
Just One More Day (Fringe; Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop; Illness (Cancer))
Seal the Deal (Fringe; Peter Bishop; Russian Roulette)
Mirror Darkly (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Olivia Dunham; Man vs. Vehicle (train))
Chasing Down Answers (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop; Suicide (seppuku))

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Bingo! (X pattern)

Author: [personal profile] muselives (card, all links go to LiveJournal)
Fandom/s: Fringe, I Robot, Narnia, Stargate
Deaths: Attack (animal), Device (Robot), Illness (sexually transmitted disease)
Survivors (Fringe), Trauma (penetrating), death_bingo, Suicide (general) [Free Space], Spontaneous Combustion, Choking/Strangulation, G-force Trauma, Trauma (brain)

The Death of Susan (Narnia; Susan/Casspian; Attack (animal))
Casualties of War (I Robot; Susan Calvin, Del Spooner; Device (Robot))
Survivors (Fringe; Pairing/Character; Illness (sexually transmitted disease))
The Other Side (Fringe; Nick Lane; Trauma (penetrating))
Our Lady of Sorrows Flying (Fringe; Nick Lane, Olivia Dunham; Suicide (general) [Free Space])
The Vulture (Fringe; Nancy Lewis, Susan Pratt; Spontaneous Combustion)
The Anaconda (Fringe; OMC, William Bell; Choking/Strangulation)
The Final Run (Stargate; Cameron Mitchell; G-force Trauma)
Useless (Fringe; Olivia Dunham; Trauma (brain))
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As a Halloween gift, (and because your mod is swamped by grad school), bingo claims are being extended another week. You now have until November 7th to post a bingo claim.

Just a reminder, formatting for bingo claims looks like this:

(Subject line: Type of Bingo)


Title (Fandom; Pairing/Character; Type of Death)

Last Call!

This is a last call for death_bingo cards! If you want a card, you have until I wake up tomorrow morning and officially close card hand out (let's say 9am EST) to sign up.
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Bingo! (horizontal line not through the middle)

Author: [personal profile] elfin 
Fandom: Fringe
Deaths: Old Age, Trauma (Penetrating), Pulled Apart / Dismembered, Illness (Sudden), Flayed

The End (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane; Old age)
Cold (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane; Trauma (Penetrating))
Not Paranormal At All (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop; Pulled Apart / Dismembered)
Ashes and Stones  (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane, John Scott; Illness (Sudden))
Duty  (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop; Flayed)

Henry, how are we tagging these?

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Sign Ups!

This is the long awaited sign up post!

Remember, if you ask for a card, you have to write at least one fic for it by the end of the amnesty period. With that in mind, the floor is open!

Leave a comment and you will be replied to with your card.

(If you can, save your card to your own host. Thanks!)

Also, all the icons for the wildcards were made by [personal profile] elfin. Thanks!
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Points and Prizes

We're going to use the tried and true [community profile] kink_bingo point system for [community profile] death_bingo.

-100 points (line through the middle)
-150 points (line not through the middle)
-300 points (X pattern)
-1000 points (blackout)
-150 points (postage stamp)
-200 points (simultaneous double-line)

We're also going to be giving out prizes, because, well, prizes are fun!

-1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the most points
-Arbitrary Mod Awards
-And possibly for other things we haven't thought of yet, but may announce later
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How Death Bingo Works

How Death Bingo Works

Many of these rules will be familiar to those of you who've played [community profile] kink_bingo or [community profile] cliche_bingo, but they are not exactly the same, so please read through them. If you have questions, ask!

The Rules )
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Welcome to Death Bingo

Death Bingo is on, and barring circumstances beyond my control, will be up and running on the 1st. In a little while I'll be posting the rules, FAQs, and the list of ways to die along with all sort of other things.

Welcome to Death Bingo!