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Title: C'est la Guerre
Rating: R (violence and character death)
Word Count: 1,473
Characters/Pairings: Gambit, Sabretooth
Timeline: Movieverse, somewhere well after the movie
Summary: Victor's tired of chasing Remy, and Remy's backed into a corner.
Note: This was, sadly, the ONLY fic I finished for Death Bingo. The others I had strong ideas for wouldn't have formed a bingo if I'd written them. Whoops!

(P.S. Can I have a tag for X-Men?)

C'est la Guerre, Death: Penetrating Trauma
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Author: [personal profile] muselives (card, all links go to LiveJournal)
Fandom/s: Fringe, I Robot, Narnia, Stargate
Deaths: Attack (animal), Device (Robot), Illness (sexually transmitted disease)
Survivors (Fringe), Trauma (penetrating), death_bingo, Suicide (general) [Free Space], Spontaneous Combustion, Choking/Strangulation, G-force Trauma, Trauma (brain)

The Death of Susan (Narnia; Susan/Casspian; Attack (animal))
Casualties of War (I Robot; Susan Calvin, Del Spooner; Device (Robot))
Survivors (Fringe; Pairing/Character; Illness (sexually transmitted disease))
The Other Side (Fringe; Nick Lane; Trauma (penetrating))
Our Lady of Sorrows Flying (Fringe; Nick Lane, Olivia Dunham; Suicide (general) [Free Space])
The Vulture (Fringe; Nancy Lewis, Susan Pratt; Spontaneous Combustion)
The Anaconda (Fringe; OMC, William Bell; Choking/Strangulation)
The Final Run (Stargate; Cameron Mitchell; G-force Trauma)
Useless (Fringe; Olivia Dunham; Trauma (brain))
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Author: [personal profile] elfin 
Fandom: Fringe
Deaths: Old Age, Trauma (Penetrating), Pulled Apart / Dismembered, Illness (Sudden), Flayed

The End (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane; Old age)
Cold (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane; Trauma (Penetrating))
Not Paranormal At All (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop; Pulled Apart / Dismembered)
Ashes and Stones  (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nick Lane, John Scott; Illness (Sudden))
Duty  (Fringe; Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop; Flayed)

Henry, how are we tagging these?